Is Ezoic Better than Mediavine? | Maximise Your Earning

Tim, a digital marketing expert, has been following the market for quite some time and he’s seen an influx of new players. “There are so many vendors popping up in the industry,” Tim says. “I’m not sure what to do”. His dilemma?
With so much competition out there, it can be hard to know who is worth your time and money. That’s why we’ve put together this article that compares Ezoic versus Mediavine – two popular programmatic advertising companies that are both on the rise!

Who is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a Google publishing partner that serves up personalised and optimised user experience across web browsers, apps, and native advertising placements. With software that runs natively on the client-side in a programmatic fashion combined with industry-leading artificial intelligence technology, Ezoic helps advertisers increase advertising revenue at scale.

Ezoic is backed by Balderton Capital – the largest investor in the European Union. Ezoic has built some of the world’s most advanced computer vision algorithms, applied more than 3 billion times per day for consumers around the world. For more information on Ezoic please see here.

Who is Mediavine?

Mediavine is another Google publishing partner that enables advertisers to run ads across the web and in mobile apps.

Mediavine is self-owned and operated and does not have outside investment backing.

What is the Difference Between Ezoic and Mediavine?

Ezoic is an entirely different beast to Mediavine. Mediavine is solely an advertising network whereas Ezoic is a technology company that prioritises user experience and utilises display ads to increase client revenue.

Ezoic’s machine learning algorithms learn specific user behaviour and then displays the appropriate ads to ensure that the user experience remains high. For example, if an advert is displayed that contributes to a higher bounce rate, that ad placement will no longer be shown to subsequent users.

Mediavine will only accept sites with 50k monthly pageviews and with Ezoic, they recently removed their 10k pageview limit meaning you can join at any time.

Whose Ads are Faster - Mediavine or Ezoic?

No contest – Ezoic wins this hands down. When the core web vitals update was announced by Google stating that user experience would become a ranking factor; Ezoic built their own caching and display system called LEAP.

LEAP is a server-side technology that is designed to display ads without impacting page speed and user experience. All of my sites that are using Ezoic have CWV scores in the green and that is whilst still displaying ads above the fold!

Note: Ezoic LEAP technology is FREE whereas to get anywhere close to passing CWV with Mediavine, you need expensive caching plugins that are nowhere near as good!

Who Pays Most - Mediavine or Ezoic?

Although this one is a little closer, Ezoic wins again. This is due to the machine learning algorithms that Ezoic is based on.

With Ezoic, you set a number of ad placeholders – now these are not guaranteed ad locations, these placeholders are potential placements for ads to show up on your site.

The machine learning determines which ads perform better (or worse) and will only display those that do not impact user experience therefore earning you more money.

Ezoic technology is also able to see which ads are impacting your bounce rate and remove any ads that make people leave your site – something Mediavine cannot do.

When conducting my own tests between Ezoic and Mediavine, I found that Ezoic paid approximately 20% more than Mediavine but I have seen reports of this being up to 35% on other websites.

Note: Ezoic is also able to split test their ads against other publishers including AdSense, but Mediavine does not allow this… I wonder why?

Which Support is Better - Mediavine or Ezoic?

In this area at this current time Mediavine wins out but that is purely because they have less to worry about.

Ezoic does have a huge self-help library available which is great, but support seems inundated with troubleshooting related to CWV, WordPress and other things that are not really their remit. This can be evidenced by being in the Ezoic Facebook group with the same questions being asked time and again.

Also, since Ezoic introduced LEAP, support is seen as the go-to for anything related to CWV although Ezoic has put all of the tools and knowledge base there for everyone to see.

How Easy is it to be Accepted - Mediavine v Ezoic?

To get accepted into Mediavine, you need at least 50k page views per month and until recently at Ezoic you needed 10k per month.

Ezoic has lifted their pageview limit for acceptance and the approval process typically takes less than a week. Your site and content will have to be reviewed by Ezoic and Google ADX to see if the content is in line with Google’s policies.

With Mediavine, the acceptance period is much longer, it can take around 2 months from application to acceptance and with the 50k pageview limit, this is not available to everyone right out of the gate.

Who Has the Best Analytics - Mediavine v Ezoic?

Oh dear, another no contest I’m afraid. Ezoic has their own version of Google Analytics but on steroids. Big Data Analytics from Ezoic is incredible, you can track absolutely everything from user experience, user engagement, EPMV and it is even more accurate than Google because the data is extracted at source when served from the CDN!


After having tried both Mediavine and Ezoic on my sites, I would never look past Ezoic. I have found that I have not only earned more with them but with their philosophy around user experience being so important and keeping on top of what Google is looking for – they are certainly industry leaders.

So, is Ezoic better than Mediavine? Yes, I would say on every level they are superior and offer far more to their publishers to make themself a success.


Yes, Ezoic has designed a powerful technology called LEAP. LEAP technology has been designed to display ads on your site with CWV as UX in mind. The great thing about Ezoic LEAP is that it is FREE.

Ezoic is truly a company that has been created to help brands and publishers. They work so hard on creating an environment where the user can find exactly what they want when they want it. User experience is their number one priority, and they never take it lightly! You're in good hands with Ezoic.

Ezoic is much better than AdSense alone. Ezoic’s technology lets you do things with your ad units that were never before possible. It enables you to create highly customised and tailored experiences for your readers on websites of all shapes and sizes driving higher engagement than ever before.
If you already have AdSense, Ezoic recommends that you connect it through Ezoic, so your AdSense account helps drive up revenue by being another bidder on potential ad placements.

To qualify for Ezoic, you will need to meet Google's and Ezoic's content quality guidelines. Sites with poor quality or scraped content will not be accepted.

Ezoic pays much more than AdSense. Most people that have switched from AdSense to Ezoic report a 300% increase in earnings almost immediately. The great thing with Ezoic is that you can keep your AdSense account and plug it directly into Ezoic.

Ezoic is a Google ADX publishing partner that uses technology to display tailored adverts on your website. Each time an advert is viewed or clicked; you earn a small commission.

Ezoic have built their own site speed and core web vitals technology that displays ads faster than any other network without additional optimisation or caching plugins.

Ezoic's site speed accelerator is no more. Ezoic LEAP technology has been designed to beat core web vitals and make your site super-fast. Ezoic LEAP is FREE!

Yes, without a doubt Ezoic is certainly worth it. Not only will their technology improve your site speed and core web vitals, but they will do so whilst optimising ad placements and increasing your earnings!