Web Design Near Me | Is That Search Term Needed?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “web design near me” before. You might have even searched for it on Google or another search engine to find a web designer near your location.

Google map is a great tool and when you search for ‘web design near me’ or ‘website designers near me’ a list of businesses in your area will show on the map.

But is that search term redundant? Can’t you just hire a web designer from anywhere in the world, and not worry about whether they are remote or local?

Technology and the internet have changed the world of business. It is no longer necessary to have a physical presence in order to be successful. Web designers can create websites and online stores from home or anywhere else they are located – all they need is a computer.

Do you Need to Meet Your Web Designer?

Technologies like facetime and Skype have been around for a long time but it was during the COVID ravaged world that Zoom has taken to the fore as the leader in video communications.
There are also many other ways of communicating with them through email, chat apps and social media platforms like Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM’s.

Distance communication is the way forward so you can still have those face to face meetings without it making much of a difference whether the web designer lives near me in Northampton, England or if you hire someone who lives on the other side of the world.

The other great thing with modern-day connectivity is that it makes things far easier to organise and schedule without the need to spend hours planning and travelling.

What Kind of Services Can be Done Remotely?

Almost anything digital that can be done from a computer can be done remotely. This goes for web design, content creation, SEO, Marketing, e-Book publishing, graphic design, you name it, it can be done.

Best Way to Pay for Services Online

There are many ways to pay for a service online. Paypal has been around for many years and is extremely user friendly but using Paypal does have its risks as done almost any payment gateway except Escrow.

Escrow is a payment gateway that holds the money until the service or services has been provided – this is the safest way to transfer vast sums of money.

In most cases smaller payment gateways are sufficient and there is always the option to pay via direct bank transfer which is our preferred method of payment.

Is the Search Term 'Web Design Near Me' Needed?

No, in truth the search term ending with ‘near me’ is no longer needed for anything that can be done remotely.

The search term is great for anything local like swimming pools, petrol stations etc but for digital services, I would not bother.


Here at lgptech, we can be your ‘web designer near me’ without being anywhere near. We are able to provide full and professional service without having to be on your doorstep.

We can jump on a zoom call or communicate in another way of your choosing and we will get right on it.


LGP Tech are the best web designer in Northamptonshire. Our service and support are second to none. We only receive 5 star reviews because we ensure that all of our clients are happy. 

At lgptech, we accept direct bank transfer. We are also able to accept Paypal or if required we can use Escrow although the buyer is responsible for any fee's.

We can jump on a zoom call and we can discuss what it is you are looking to achieve with the website along with how you want it to look and feel. 

Character is everything and we aim to show your character through your website.